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Prague zoo removes rhinos horns to stop poachers

De-Horned White Rhino Prague

To prevent rhinos being killed from poachers, Prague Zoo cut off its rhinos-es.

A de-horned rhino is certainly a better than a dead rhino’ says zoo manager

Prague Zoo Rhino

Czech zoo in Prague has removed the horns of its rhinoceros (21) as a careful step after one of the animals was executed by poachers at a French natural park.

Subsequent to quieting the creatures, zoo staff utilized a cutting apparatus to cut them off.

Přemysl Rabas, the executive of the Dvur Kralove zoo, around 70 miles north-east of the nation’s capital, Prague, said it was an extreme choice, however their need was the wellbeing of the four southern white rhinos and 17 dark ones – the biggest gathering of its kind in Europe.

“The hazard that the rhinos at present face, in the wild as well as even in zoos, is too high,” he said. “The wellbeing of the creatures is our first concern. A de-horned rhino is unquestionably a superior choice than a dead rhino.”

“There is no live tissue,” he said. “It’s simply conservative issue, like nails or to hair. On the off chance that you trim it, it resembles trimming your hair or your nails. So it has no effect on the life of the creature.”

The disjoined horns will bit by bit become back once more, he stated, including that horns are frequently evacuated for wellbeing reasons, particularly when creatures are being transported.

The zoo said they had taken the choice after poachers murdered the five-year-old white rhino, Vince, after they broke into the Thoiry zoo close Paris to take his horn.

It had been accepted in the past that the creatures were by and large safe in bondage.

Be that as it may, rhino horns are a staggeringly profitable item in parts of Asia, where they considered a solution for a scope of maladies including malignancy, colds and fevers to hypertension, aftereffects, and weakness.

De-Horned White Rhino Prague

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  1. Prague Zoo has the best Rhino section. The last living White Rhino Male also died in Prague couple of months ago. But that sad that the remaining ones needed to be de-horned.

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