Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Games on Windows 3.11



Windows 3.11 was not a full-fledged operating system, it was a symbol of an era. A game of this time made available by the Internet Archive Web site that serves as a digital library.

Internet Archive project has added thousands of programs designed for Windows 3.11 Some of them are also period games for example SOCCER 95 or SimEarth. Thus, a game designer Will Wright, released as the first project after building the city in SimCity

Authors of the project access to content by “Colorful and unique look of Windows 3 / 3.11 is a reminder of the past sixteen bit. And with regard to the vagaries of the graphics programmers operates futuristic, or very simply. For many of you who remember that period, they may summon images long forgotten memories. ”

With the emergence of the archives  helped many volunteers and run in a browser, it is possibly thanks to the DOSBox emulator. Part of the catalog, however, are also titles for the publication of the Internet Archive not allowed. Many experts, however, argue that copyright infringement is carried out in the interest of the public good.


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